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Perlen Packaging is an internationally active group of companies in the field of film manufacturing and film coating. We are the only systems provider of packaging films with a clearly defined pharmaceutical profile. Our processes, facilities, products and environment are geared to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

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We select specific requirements from the market and turn them into innovations. In cooperation with technical institutes, machinery suppliers and our customers, we jointly create new solutions for new needs.

PERLALUX® - MultiLayer ultra is our newest high barrier blister film, optimised for gap heating machines, shorter heating plates and limited number of heating zones.

PERLAMED™ - BLISTair is a smart inhalation device. It is a patented, disposable, single-use Dry Powder Inhaler, made out of a high barrier primary packaging film. It is a platform for the pulmonary delivery of a wide range of drug substances.

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November 27th – 30th 2023

Bogota, Colombia


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DDL 2023

December 6th ­–  8th  2023

Edinburgh, Scotland


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Pharmapack Europe

January 24th ­ – 25th 2024

Paris, France


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Worldwide Representations

The consequent pharmaceutical orientation in film production and coating, innovative power and presence on three continents make Perlen Packaging an efficient customer partner on a global scale.

Contact persons
Perlen Packaging AG, Perlen
Perlenring 3
6035 Perlen - Switzerland
Phone +41 41 455 88 00
Fax +41 41 455 88 01
Perlen Packaging GmbH, Müllheim
Neuenburger Strasse 9
79379 Müllheim - Germany
Phone +49 76 31 8 03 0
Fax +49 76 31 8 03 141
Perlen Packaging LLC, Whippany
135 Algonquin Parkway
NJ 07981 Whippany - USA
Phone +1 973 887 0257
Fax +1 973 887 0258
Perlen Packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
828 Caizi Road Wujiang Economic & Technological
Development Zone Wujiang - China 215200
Phone +86 512 6395 6762
Fax +86 512 6309 8887
Perlen Packaging Ltda., Anápolis
Via Primária 6-DA Quadra 10 Modulos 11/12-B
Distrito Agroindustrial de Anápolis – DAIA
75132-135 Anápolis, Goiás, Brazil
Phone + 55 62 33 13 1211
Fax +55 62 33 13 1211

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