PERLAZID® - Antiseptic

„The antiseptic effect is achieved by homeopathic dosed silver in combination with a bio-based natural carrier additive which bacteria and fungi need for growth.“

As film
Antiseptic films e.g. for eyedrops and labels
As dispersion
Antiseptic lacquers and sprays e.g. for different surfaces
As non-woven
Antiseptic non-woven materials e.g. for wound applications

Properties and benefits:

  • the risk of infections is minimized: bacteria and fungi are reduced long-term
  • germ reduction by more than 99.9 % (> 3 log)
  • applicable to a wide variety of surfaces
  • long-term protection, as germs cannot build up any resistance
  • dermatologically tested
  • hundred times expert-tested efficacy
  • patented process combines natural substances (tricalciumphosphate and silver/copper) to protect you from contamination
  • eco-friendly

PERLAZID® - Structure

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