Our Product Range

Using state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture a full range of products completely geared to the packaging demands of the pharmaceutical industry.


Our expansive product portfolio covers a full range of solutions for primary packaging – from Mono PVC films through medium barrier to ultra-high barrier films for extreme protection requirements – whatever is demanded by the finished product and climate zone.




"Protecting your products is our goal"

Primary Packaging Films

Under the brand name PERLALUX®, Perlen Packaging supplies the Pharma industry with a range of blister films from low barrier PVC Mono to ultra high barrier films in a multilayer structure.

Secondary Packaging Films

Due to the gradual formability of the material when exposed to heat, PVC mono films are suitable for the most diverse applications for secondary packaging.


Converting 60 µm Films

Rigid PVC film for laminating with aluminium to produce coldform laminates.




PERLAMED™ - BLISTair is a smart inhalation device. It is a patented, disposable, single-use Dry Powder Inhaler, made out of a high barrier primary packaging film. It is a platform for the pulmonary delivery of a wide range of drug substances.

PERLAZID® Antiseptic

The antiseptic effect is achieved by homeopathic dosed silver in combination with a biobased natural carrier additive which bacteria and fungi need for growth.


Developed for splicing of thermoformable films. The red colour is easily detectable on blister machines.

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