PERLATOP™ - Paper / PVdC

New sustainable solution to substitute the alu lidding using paper, coated with PVdC.

The Duplex paper structure produced completely in-house can be sealed to

standard PVC Mono film.

Cost savings up to 15% possible compared to alu lidding.



Properties from test runs

  • same PVdC formulation as used for thermoforming films
  •  WVTR better than Mono PVC film (≤ 3.1 g/m2 x 24h, 40°C, 75% r.h.)
  •  technical characteristics (like sealing strength) are comparable to alu lidding
  •  the Paper/PVdC structure can be processed on standard thermoforming machines
  •  machine speed and output comparable to alu lidding
  •  printable without primer by all printing methods
  •   perforable
  •   push-through effect comparable to alu lidding
  •   low CO2 footprint (98% less CO2 emission compared to alu)

PVdC and heat sealing lacquer comply with the current international guidelines, directives and standards for pharmaceutical packaging material.


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