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Climatic Zones

Water Vapour Protection


Safety Requirements


Customer Discussion

  • Emergency help by phone, e-mail and individual visits
  • Customer Workshops
  • Joint projects with customers (covered by non-disclosure agreements)
  • Sharing all our know-how openly

Product Requirements

  • Water vapour uptake estimation for specific materials and blister shapes
  • Database about market data (cont`d)

Material Selection

  • Know-how on all ingredients (PVC, PVDC, Additives,...)
  • Full range of barrier materials - strong know-how
  • R&D on alternative materials
  • Joint projects with raw material suppliers
  • Cooperation with universities working on material science

Production Process Mono Film

  • competece center for Mono films
  • state-of-the-art PVC calenders lines
  • produced according to GMP and ISO 15378 standards

Production Process Barrier

  • competence center for barrier films
  • state-of-the-art coating and laminating capabilities
  • produced according to GMP and ISO 15378 standards
  • R&D center for multilayer and ultra-high barrier structures

Sample Preparation

  • Prototypes
  • R&D
  • Material tests

Forming Test Blister

  • Production of thermoformed Blisters for evaluation of the technical service and the quality department
  • Tests on our internal blister line also possible

Barrier Check on formed Blister

  • Evaluation of the formed Blister through Technical Service and Quality Department
  • Microtome cut in order to check profile of formed cavities
  • Additional tests on the final blister if requested

Barrier Optimisation/Recommendation

  • Help with machine settings from our well-experienced Technical Service
  • On-site support by our Technical Service
  • Recommendations based on hundreds of customer projects

Water vapour protection in all climatic zones


Effective product protection is guaranteed by intelligent packaging solutions. From the simple requirement of the water vapour barrier to the highest requirements for the barrier films of hygroscopic tablets/capsules for use in different climatic zones. 



climate zone 1            21°C - 45%  (temperate climate)

climate zone 2            25°C - 60% (subtropical climate)

climate zone 3            30°C - 35% (hot dry climate)

climate zone 4            30°C - 70% (hot humid climate)

The appropriate packaging for your products (WVTR)


In order to provide the optimum protection for your pharmaceutical product, there is a wide range of films for primary packaging.

From the simple Mono film to the PVdC-based ultra-high barrier film, we offer the complete range of water vapour barrier (WDD).


Because of their formulation, our Mono films have very good thermoformability.

Depending on the design, they are suitable from the standard geometry to the most demanding blister moulds.

Blisters in a standard geometry
Processing on all standard blister and

packaging units

Higher deep-drawing requirements and
more sophisticated blister geometry

Highest requirements for thermoformability


For the highest protection and safety requirements

We are specialised in protecting our customers products in various climate zones preventing interactions with and negative reactions to the active substance in the tablets and capsules. The protection covers water vapour, oxygen, light and aromas 




Water Vapour

Your sensitive active substances are protected from water vapour at all times. We have the optimal solution for each of your products.


The barrier against oxygen permeability is essential for effective product protection.
The oxygen barrier is particularly necessary for hygroscopic products in different climatic zones.
Thus, PVdC-based films have a significantly higher oxygen barrier than PCTFE films.


The visible light has a wavelength of 400 to 800 nm. The spectral range of ultraviolet light (UV light) is below 400 nm, the range of infrared radiation (IR) is above 800 nm.

Light energy accelerates biochemical reactions.

Goods which are changed by light are referred to as light-sensitive.
So you need light protection.

A simple protection is achieved by coloring the granules during film production or by a special UV protection


Flavourings can diffuse through packaging.

They can cause a foreign smell or flavour in the filling material itself. The aromatic consistency is the most demanding task of a packaging material.


In collaboration with our competent specialists in Development, Technical Service and Quality Management we find the best possible packaging solution for your highly sensitive ingredients

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