Announcement of new Product Innovation

After completing a large number of successful product tests, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new innovation MultiLayer ultra 280. Already in the past Perlen Packaging has managed to achieve market leadership in PVdC-based ultra-high barrier films with its product introductions of Tristar ultra and Ultra protect. Now the MultiLayer ultra 280 completes our product range of ultra-high barrier films perfectly. Due to its sandwich shaped structure, the PVdC barrier is protected against any mechanical damage and the symmetric design prevents a mix-up between inside and outside. Further benefits are:

  • higher yield (more m2 per kg)
  • lower forming temperatures
  • optimised for gap heating machines
  • excellent processing properties with short heating plates & limited no. of heating zones
  • produced according to GMP and ISO 15378 standards
Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team if you need any further information about our new MultiLayer ultra 280, which enables a superior level of safety for your highly sensitive active ingredients.

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