Further towards sustainability

The increasing demand for sustainable packaging has been occupying our team for a long time. Topics such as a functioning circular economy, recyclability and alternative films to our PVC and PVdC range are increasingly in focus.

For this reason, we dedicated our last two webinars to the ubiquitous topic of sustainability. Fortunately, we hit the bull's eye with our customers. We had not expected such a rush. Two events were attended by 250 customers from all over the world.

They were informed about the current environmental balance, the incomparable benefits of PVC and our ecological footprint. We also talked about the industry-specific circular economy and its regulations. Further points were the trends and the increasing demand in the high barrier segment.

A video of our future, near-series PVC single-material blister and our planned PP 300 film, a pioneering halogen-free blister variant, aroused great interest.

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