Workshop with Helm de México

This year's workshop attracted around 280 people from the development and technology sectors of 60 pharmaceutical companies from all over Mexico. It was the largest pharmaceutical workshop ever held in Mexico.


At the two-day event, there were numerous presentations by guest speakers, such as BASF or DFE about active ingredients or excipients.


With our topic "Latest Blister Packaging Technology" and the focus on the processing of high-barrier films, we were able to give customers exciting and useful information on our products and their processing.


The workshop was a great success with many interesting conversations and resulted in new projects with existing and potential customers.


A special thanks to Helm de México for the great and smooth organization. Another big thank you goes to Detlef Wolters for his presentation and to the other participants, who made the workshop an unforgettable event.


We look forward to the next event in 2021!

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