Perlen Packaging invests in sustainability in Müllheim

Perlen Packaging GmbH in Müllheim expanded its existing energy supply concept at the beginning of the year.  This now enables the entire site to be powered by renewable energy sources. 

Perlen Packaging has been an established producer of monofilms for pharmaceutical blister packaging in Müllheim for many years. Previously, the three calendering lines used to produce the films were powered by energy from fossil natural gas. Since the beginning of this year, the new investment has made it possible to operate these lines with renewable energy sources as well. The company can now completely dispense with fossil fuels.

The decision to specifically promote renewable energy sources is a central component of the company's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Perlen Packaging GmbH, Müllheim, is thus actively responding to the challenges of climate change and helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. As a subsidiary of the Swiss CPH Group, this measure is fully in line with the goal of the so-called "European Green Deal" to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. 

According to Reiner Gerlach, Managing Director at Perlen Packaging GmbH, Müllheim, the careful use of resources is already being actively practised throughout the company. The company's energy management system was ISO 500001 certified in 2018. It is now possible to provide the heat required for all processes at the site exclusively from certified green electricity. In the specialised industry of pharmaceutical packaging production, Perlen Packaging's approach is a real pioneering project. The new energy supply concept will save an additional 1,300 tonnes of CO2 per year at the Müllheim site. 

Perlen Packaging GmbH, Müllheim continues to be committed to a sustainable future and looks forward to pursuing innovative ways to drive positive change in the future. 

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