Perlen Packaging supports the Titlisblick children's home in Lucerne with a Christmas donation

Perlen Packaging, headquartered in Perlen, has maintained its long-standing tradition of donating CHF 5,000 to the Titlisblick children's home in Lucerne this year. Back then, the company decided to forego Christmas presents for its customers and instead donate CHF 3,000 to the Titlisblick children's home in Lucerne. This year, the usual amount of CHF 3000 was increased to CHF 5000.

Today, Peter Henz , CHRO, and Lars Kirchhoff, CSO, from Perlen Packaging presented the check to Judith Haas, Director of the Titlisblick children's home.

"It's impressive to see how Ms. Haas and her team work so hard to offer children from difficult family backgrounds a sense of security, protection and safety," said Peter Henz, who was present at the cheque handover last year.

The Titlisblick children's home, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021, is the only socio-educational infant and toddler home in Central Switzerland. The home, which has an emergency room and four residential groups, offers children a living space in which they can feel at home and develop.

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